What to Write on a Memorial Flower Vase

What to Write on a Memorial Flower Vase

A memorial flower vase is a flower pot that usually sits on top of a grave or headstone, that would include the deceased name engraved on to the item, followed by a unique and personalised message, date of death and loving thoughts.

Before we dive in head first in to personalising a vase, take a moment to think of the person you are purchasing this for. Who were they? How close were you to them? 

Below i have added a few different phrases and ideas from orders that you could use on your flower bowls.

  • -In Loving Memory of
  • -Always in our hears
  • -Never forgotten
  • -Wonderful Dad, Grandad, Uncle
  • -Date of Birth - Date of Death
  • -We love and miss you so much

These memorial flower bowls are great ideas to show how much you miss and love them, and of course with a gift like this one it can be easily updated with new text or a new message if you fancy a change down the line.

In our store we have plenty of memorial flower bowls to choose from, including our "In Loving Memory", "Footprints", "Dove" and "Cross" designs to suit any age and circumstance, and would make the ideal flower holder for any grave and make a gorgeous bowl for the home too.

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