Personalised Birthday Silver Lighter & Gift Box


This Personalised Birthday Silver Lighter is the ideal present for his or her special day, and you can be sure that they will treasure it for a long time.

Our brushed chrome classic lighters are laser engraved with any name, age and message you require and come supplied with a free metal tin gift box, which can also be engraved with any wording of your choosing.

The Personalised Birthday Lighter is ideal for any smoker for their cigarettes or cigars, or for a household item to light a barbecue, a fireplace or a camp fire if used outdoors.

Whats more, this gorgeous present can be gifted for men or women, 18th birthday, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, and more.

  • All lighters are supplied without fuel for postal reasons
  • Wind proof
  • W:4cm, H:6cm x D:1.3cm
  • Supplied in metal tin gift box